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12 January 2024, 15:40

Sainsbury’s Unveils Smart Charge: A Game-Changer in Public EV Charging

In an era where electric vehicles (EVs) are fast becoming the norm, Sainsbury’s has taken a monumental leap forward by launching Smart Charge, a cutting-edge ultra-rapid EV charging service. This initiative is set to reshape public perceptions and experiences of EV charging in the UK.

The Drive Behind the Innovation

Recent research, spearheaded by Sainsbury’s and Censuswide, has unearthed a significant barrier to EV adoption: charging anxiety. The study, involving 500 EV drivers, revealed that a staggering 80% avoid long journeys due to apprehensions about public EV charging stations. Key concerns include broken chargers (40%), insufficient charging bays (36%), and slow service (33%).

Addressing these fears, Smart Charge promises over 750 ultra-rapid charging bays across more than 100 Sainsbury’s locations by year-end, positioning the supermarket chain among the top five ultra-rapid EV charging providers in the UK.

Ultra-Rapid Charging: The Future Is Now

Sainsbury’s Smart Charge bays, boasting a 150kW capacity, can fully charge an EV in approximately 30 minutes, offering up to 200 miles of range. Certain chargers can even accelerate to 300kW, catering to vehicles capable of handling higher speeds.

A Holistic Charging Experience

Smart Charge not only caters to the need for speed but also addresses the lifestyle needs of EV drivers. The service strategically allows customers to utilize their charging time effectively by shopping or grabbing a coffee at Sainsbury’s stores.

The Quest for a Trusted Brand

The research further highlights that while 74% of EV users currently patronize multiple charging brands, a remarkable 94% express a preference for a single, reliable brand. Smart Charge aims to fill this gap with its focus on reliability, convenience, and transparency in pricing.

Patrick Dunne’s Vision for EV Charging

Patrick Dunne, Sainsbury’s Director of Property, Procurement & EV Ventures, emphasizes the transformative potential of Smart Charge. “We’re tackling the prevalent issue of range anxiety head-on,” Dunne states. “Our network of reliable and swift charging points will revolutionize the EV experience in the UK. By exclusively focusing on ultra-rapid 150kW+ chargers, we're offering a unique blend of efficiency and convenience.”

Government Endorsement

Anthony Browne, Minister for Technology and Decarbonisation, lauded Sainsbury’s initiative, acknowledging the vital role of businesses in developing EV infrastructure. Browne noted the significant progress made in the UK, with over 52,600 charge points installed nationwide, a 44% increase from the previous year.

Towards a Greener Future

The launch of Smart Charge aligns with Sainsbury’s commitment to achieving Net Zero across its value chain by 2050. The EV charging points are powered by 100% renewable electricity, mirroring the energy sources used across Sainsbury’s operations.

A Pioneering Step

As of its launch, Smart Charge is already operational with around 200 ultra-rapid charging bays in over 20 Sainsbury’s locations. The service is unique in being the first and only EV charging business fully owned and managed end-to-end by a UK supermarket.

The Road Ahead

Smart Charge marks a significant stride in advancing the UK's transition to a low-carbon economy. With its innovative approach, Sainsbury’s is not just offering a service but reshaping the landscape of EV charging, making it an integrated, stress-free, and eco-friendly aspect of everyday life.


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