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Our Mission

Our mission is maximising dealer revenue and powering a better consumer experience. For too long the automotive digital advertising space has been completely overpriced and designed to maximise advertising spend. So at we have turned that model on its head and specifically:

For The Industry

A completely disruptive cost model - cutting the costs of vehicle advertising to the industry by more than £1 billion over the next three years.

For Dealers

Reduce your advertising costs by 85%.

Delivering an enhanced level of service using state of the art technology.

For Private Customers

It’s free to advertise vehicles forever.

There are no tie-ins. Easy, simple and hassle free.

Everything is included, we don’t do extras


The team that pioneered energy price comparison (and saved consumers billions) has changed lanes. are now destroying the exploitative outdated monopolistic behaviours of the auto trading marketplace.

Our values

Data driven - data is our DNA and drives everything we do. We don’t take shortcuts everything we do is based on an outcome supported by our data and insights – whether that’s how dealers and private customers want to sell right through to how people want to buy a car.

Customer obsessed - we put the customer first in everything we do. We want to be famous for delivering the best experience and wowing our customers.

techStack – behind every supercar is a finely tuned engine with CarsVansandBikes that’s our techStack designed to provide a fully flexible, fast base to everything we do

Team CVB – like a F1 team, every member of our team counts and helps create the journey that’s going to fun, fast and focused.

Our mantra – “it’s as easy as CVB”