ALKS - Automated Lane Keeping Systems

Vehicles with ALKS could be on UK roads during 2022. The Government published a paper in April 2021 which paves the way for us to see vehicles with ALKS to be used on UK roads.

ALKS is one of the first significant changes coming our way in terms of autonomous driving.

The DfT once named it traffic jam chauffeur technology. Vehicles fitted with ALKS will be able to drive on motorways up to a maximum speed of 37mph as long as full control can be returned to the human car driver easily and safely.

As at January 2022 there are currently no cars available to purchase in the UK fitted with ALKS, as soon as this changes will provide an ALKS filter in its search filters.

ALKS is categorised as Level 3 autonomy and can take over control of a vehicle, keeping it in lane so the driver doesn't need to have any input. In effect the driver can take their hands completely off the steering wheel, drivers do have to be prepared to take control should the ALKS hand back control.

Mercedes is the first manufacturer to have been granted approval for a Level 3 system by the German Motor Transport Authority (KBA) meeting the legal requirements of UN-R157 for a Level 3 system. Whilst no vehicle has yet been set for launch all indications are that ALKS will coming to a S class Mercedes some time in 2022.

As soon as the first vehicle with ALKS is launched in the UK, will include ALKS into our filters.

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