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18 July 2022, 02:35

Buying a used car sight unseen: is it a good idea?

Buying a car without seeing it first is more common than it used to be. Whilst it’s always advised to view and test drive a car in person - depending on your circumstances, this may not always be possible. So we’ve put together some tips for buying a used car sight unseen from a private seller - to help you avoid any disasters!

Examine the advert carefully

There’s one key rule when it comes to buying a used car sight unseen – if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is! Make sure the seller has provided all the necessary information such as the age of the car, number of owners, mileage and when the next MOT is due. Check to see if the car has any faults listed – honest sellers will be upfront about this. Also, be sure to spend time googling the model of the car for some background information, and check that it has all the specifications you require.

Speak to the seller on the phone

If you’re planning on purchasing a car without viewing it first, it’s important to speak to the seller on the phone, to ensure they aren’t a fraudster. Make sure you have a list of questions you wish to ask them and that they are confident with their answers and sound genuine. Also, ensure you ask the seller why they are selling the car and if it has been reliable. 

Ask for more photos

It’s important you examine all the photos in the advert thoroughly and if there aren’t many, or there is a part of the car you wish to see that isn’t featured, ask the seller for some more photos. When looking at the photos, make sure they match the description – for example, that the car looks its age. 

Check the car’s history

If you’re planning on purchasing a car without seeing it then it’s probably worth paying for a vehicle history check. You can buy a full vehicle history check on multiple websites, including the RAC for around £15. This will provide you with key information, including if the car has any outstanding fines, previous insurance claims, the correct mileage and whether the car has ever been reported as stolen. 

Check the seller’s reviews

It’s worth checking to see if the seller has any previous reviews. If you can’t see any, then try googling their details to see if you can find any information. 

Consider a deposit

Rather than paying for the car in full, it may be worth asking the seller if you can pay a deposit or reservation fee when buying a car sight unseen, before you collect it in person.

Organise an inspection

If you want to err on the side of caution, it may be worth organising a pre-purchase used car inspection, which can be done through multiple companies. This means that an expert will inspect the vehicle to ensure it matches its description in the advert. Many of these also include a test drive. The AA offers this service from £142.

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