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27 April 2022, 08:02

Fully Charged Live : Farnborough 29th/30th April and 1st May

The World's No. 1 Clean Energy & Electric Vehicle Show opens at Farnborough.

Whether you’re a long-time viewer, or if you’d never seen the Fully Charged SHOW before seeing this event advertised, you will be offered the warmest of welcomes to Fully Charged LIVE, sponsored by LV= and ElectriX.

Never has the cost of fossil fuels – in pounds, and to the planet – been more under scrutiny than it is now. At this exhibition those of you that are paying a high price for petrol at the pumps will meet those that charge cheaply, often overnight, on cleaner and cleaner electrons.

While Fully Charged LIVE 2022 is the biggest gathering of electric cars ever held globally, and there is lots to take in, it is also a festival of electrification. They have electric vehicles of all shapes and sizes, from skateboards to scooters, bikes to trikes, mopeds to motorbikes, vans to trucks, there is something to move everyone. And as energy bills begin to bite, they are here to help with their Home Energy Advice Team as are many of our exhibitors who can suggest short-term money savers, as well as longer-term investments for your property.

At Fully Charged LIVE you will find absolutely loads to do for all member of our your family, from aFamily Fun Zone; an array of food and drink options; advice for business as to whether they should adopt EVs; to more than 50 electrifying live theatre shows, we have included the programme for the 29th April below.

10:30-11:15 (Giga Theatre) Is the car industry (& its supply chain) in for an electric shock?

10:45-11:30 (Mega Theatre) What can the world learn from cities built around bikes?

11:30-12:00 (Giga Theatre) Separating EV fact from fiction

11:45-12:15 (Mega Theatre) How to make the most out of your electric car home

12:15-12:45 (Giga Theatre) Is now the time for company cars to go electric?

12:30-13:00 (Mega Theatre) Last-mile & the future of deliveries

13:00-13:30 (Giga Theatre) Turning cool concepts into practical reality

13:00-13:30 (Electric Education Zone, powered by Polestar) Filming in extreme conditions

13:15-13:45 (Mega Theatre) Is the Government really walking the walk when it comes to rolling out renewable technology?

13:45-14:15 (Giga Theatre) What are the biggest opportunities in the energy transition?

14:00-14:30 (Mega Theatre) How big can vehicle to grid get?

14:30-15:00 (Giga Theatre) Is it time to talk about climate adaptation?

14:45-15:15 (Mega Theatre) Engines out, Batteries in: Creating Converts

15:15-15:45 (Giga Theatre) How to make your house fit for the future

15:30-16:00 (Mega Theatre) How can we harness the energy of younger people?

16:00-16:30 (Giga Theatre) The science behind the energy transition

16:15-16:45 (Mega Theatre) Can Commercial Vans & Trucks really deliver?


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