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15 February 2024, 16:16

Glasgow Airport Parking Fees Soar: New Increase Hits Passengers

Glasgow Airport Parking Fees Soar: New Increase Hits Passengers

In a move that has left passengers and taxi services reeling, Glasgow Airport has announced a fresh hike in parking fees, marking another year of rising costs for those traveling to and from the airport. Effective from February 14, the new pricing regime has ironically been dubbed a "Valentine’s Day gift" for flyers, adding an additional 50p to the already steep pick-up and drop-off charges.

Under the revised fee structure, motorists will now have to shell out £5.50 for stays of up to 15 minutes at the pick-up and drop-off zones, with each subsequent minute costing £1. This increase follows last year's £1 hike from £4, signaling a concerning trend for regular airport visitors. For those opting for short-stay parking, the rate has been set at a hefty £15 per hour, though a slight reprieve is offered with one hour of free parking available at the Long-stay car park.

The airport's spokesperson explained that the adjustment is part of an annual review aimed at managing the facility's pick-up and drop-off services more effectively. They urged passengers needing longer stays to consider the short-stay parking options instead. Additionally, the free parking duration in the Long-stay Car Park has been extended from 30 minutes to an hour, complemented by a 24-hour shuttle service on demand.

However, the ripple effects of this price hike extend beyond individual travelers. Taxi services, such as Alpha Taxis Johnstone, have been forced to pass on these increased costs to their customers, underscoring the broader financial impact on the community. The taxi company took to social media to inform its clientele about the unavoidable fee adjustments, highlighting the legal restrictions against stopping on airport roads, which further complicates pick-ups and drop-offs.

This latest increase has sparked frustration among passengers and service providers alike, who see it as an added burden in times of already high travel costs. As the debate over airport fee structures continues, many are calling for a more balanced approach that considers the financial strain on travelers and the operational needs of the airport.

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