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28 November 2023, 10:45


Lotus Electrifies the Road Ahead: Unveiling State-of-the-Art Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

In a groundbreaking move towards a fully electric future, Lotus takes a leap into the realm of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure with its newly launched charging solutions. As part of Lotus's commitment to an all-electric lineup by 2028, these cutting-edge solutions are poised to redefine the charging experience for EV drivers globally, with a strong emphasis on the word "Lotus."

Key Features of Lotus Charging Solutions:

Ultra-Fast Charging Capability

Lotus introduces an ultra-fast 450 kW DC charger, setting a new benchmark for swift charging experiences. With this technology, the Lotus Eletre R, for instance, can add up to 88.5 miles or 142 km of range in just approximately 5 minutes, making it one of the most competitive electric vehicle chargers in the market.

Modular Power Cabinet

A liquid-cooled modular power cabinet boasting market-leading power output capabilities of up to 480 kW. Ideal for locations requiring high energy demand, such as motorway rest stops, this innovation is designed to increase efficiency and minimize charging time.

Multi-Vehicle Charging Unit

Lotus presents a liquid-cooled charging unit, seamlessly integrated with the Liquid-Cooled Power Cabinet, allowing the simultaneous charging of up to four vehicles. With a maximum current output of 600 Amp, it caters to the diverse needs of electric vehicle drivers, offering a convenient and efficient solution.

Global Rollout and Future-Proofing:

These revolutionary charging solutions are already available in China, with plans to expand their availability across the majority of European countries and the Middle East in Q2 2024. As charging infrastructure continues to evolve, Lotus ensures its customers are well-equipped with a forward-looking 450 kW solution. This forward-thinking approach allows Lotus customers to seamlessly upgrade to higher power output, without additional hardware costs, once market service providers implement grid upgrades.

Lotus's Vision for Electrification:

Mike Johnstone, Chief Commercial Officer at Lotus Group, emphasizes the brand's commitment to advancing electrification: "Over the past six years, Lotus has been investing in the technology and infrastructure to accelerate the transition to electrification." The goal is to make electric vehicle ownership effortless, fast, and efficient, offering consumers the confidence they need.

Alan Wang, Vice-President of Lotus Technology and CEO at Lotus Flash Charge, highlights the increasing demand for reliable electric vehicle charging infrastructure globally: "Lotus has developed best-in-class fast charging solutions to deliver a quick and reliable charging experience to meet customer needs."

This strategic move aligns with Lotus's Vision80 strategy announced in 2018, transforming the brand into an all-electric global luxury technology entity by 2028. Lotus has already made strides with the launch of its first electric hyper-SUV, the Eletre, and the Emeya, a next-generation electric hyper-GT.

With a staggering order book of over 19,000 vehicles for its Emira sports car and Eletre hyper-SUV, Lotus is meeting the surging demand for premium electric vehicles. As the company ramps up production, Lotus anticipates surpassing all previous records in 2023, marking a significant step toward a sustainable and electrifying future on the roads.

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