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12 October 2023, 10:37

UK hits 50,000 EV charge points

The UK has now installed 50,000 electric vehicle charging devices across the UK, although there are still fears that the UK could miss major targets for 2030.

The he 50,000th EV charger to be installed was an ultra-rapid device at the MFG Shell fuel station & EV Power, Airport Roundabout, Locking, Weston Super Mare. 

MFG’s dual-fuel strategy is to develop its infrastructure ahead of EV demand alongside its existing fuel and retail business enabling a transition to a cleaner environment. Their £400m investment in EV will be funded entirely from cash generated by the existing business.

In partnership with others, MFG has already installed electric chargers at 108 of its sites – the highest number in the independent forecourt sector. With our ultra-rapid 150kW and 350kW chargers, a vehicle that can take that charge can add 100 miles range in approximately 10 minutes.

The timing of this latest 50,000 milestone  demonstrates the acceleration in the rate of charge point installation over recent years. Today's 50,000 charge point milestone follows hot on the heels of the 40,000 mark, which the UK achieved in February 2023.

This recent rapid growth will certainly allow the government some breathing space but it's still only a sixth of the planned end of decade target of 300,000 charging points

If we look at what had been progress to date we see this:

DateMilestone/No of EV charging points
August 201810,000
July 202020,000
February 202230,000
February 202340,000
October 202350,000

Who operates these 50,000 charging points

The UK

CompanyNetwork market share rapid and ultra rapid devices
bp pulse12.5%
Tesla only8.6%
Genie Point7.4%
Charge Place Scotland6.6%
MFG EV Power5.5%


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