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07 September 2023, 21:34

Welcome to Bath - but don't bring your car!

Just when we thought we were experiencing some kind of stability following the introduction of the Bath CAZ area Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) Council have decided to penalise drivers of higher polluting charges based on their emmissions.

BANES have introduced emission based variable parking charges at the following eight car parks:

  • Avon Street - (140 spaces)
  • Bath Sports & Leisure Centre - (128 spaces)
  • Cattle Market - (40 spaces)
  • Charlotte Street - (1,056 spaces)
  • Claverton Street - (11 spaces)
  • Green Park Road - (104 spaces)
  • Kingsmead Square - (91 spaces)
  • Manvers Street - (159 spaces)

Charges are being implemented in the following bands and will be advised when the motorist enters their vehicle reg into the payment machine:


Length of stay0 - 130 g/km131 - 150 g/km151 - 170 g/km171 - 190 g/km191 - 225 g/km226 - 255 g/kmOver 256g/km
1 hour£1.70£1.80£1.80£1.90£1.90£2£2
2 hours£3.40£3.50£3.60£3.70£3.80£3.90£4
3 hours£5.10£5.30£5.40£5.50£5.60£5.80£6
4 hours£6.80£7£7.20£7.40£7.60£7.70£7.90
6 hours£10.20£10.50£10.80£11£11.30£11.60£11.90
8 hours£13.60£14£14.30£14.70£15.10£15.40£15.80
24 hours£17.10£17.60£18£18.50£18.90£19.40£19.90
Evening Charge (6pm to 8am Charlotte Street)£1.50£1.60£1.60£1.70£1.70£1.70£1.80
Overnight 8pm to 8am£1.50£1.60£1.60£1.70£1.70£1.70£1.80


The Council said: 'The aim is to reduce the number of higher-polluting vehicles driving into Bath where air pollution is a concern, especially for people with chronic heart and lung conditions.'

If you drive a foreign registered car where the system will be unable to ascertain you emissions you will automatically be charged the highest rate - welcome tourists to Bristol!

We believe thist may be an unwelcome development in a more touristic hotspot such as Bath, which entertains a lot of visitors who won't be aware of the massive ramp-up in cost to park when they arrive in the area. 

Based on the proposals, for the most polluting vehicles, drivers face a 38 per cent increase in parking costs compared to the least polluting cars over a two-hour period.

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