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19 July 2023, 09:05

Outstanding vehicle recalls added to MoT test certificates

The DVSA is adapting its MoT test process to give clear advisory information about any recalls that may apply to the car as real-time updates are introduced

The changes, introduced today, will not cause you to fail an MoT on the grounds that your car has an unaddressed or unrepaired safety recall, testing stations will, with immediate effect, provide that information as part of the supplementary print-out to an MoT pass or fail, which includes so-called advisory items. ‘Advisories’ are faults or wear that the MoT testers have picked up, but have not yet advanced to the stage where they’re deemed serious enough to warrant an MoT failure.

Major car makers joining at the outset:

  • Ford
  • Toyota
  • Honda
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Volkswagen Group

The DVSA says that list who have joined the new scheme will provide live data directly into the DVSA's system, accounts for over half the cars on the road with currently outstanding recalls, it leaves many manufacturers apparently still to be convinced that it’s a good idea to remind owners of outstanding recall notices every year at MOT time.

While recall fixes are generally free of charge to customers, large recall campaigns can cost car makers huge sums. CarsVansandBikes calls on all manufacturers to join now and show their commitment to driver safety ahead of any profit MoTive.

Drivers can sign check their current MOT status using this link.

"I’m really pleased that we can announce this latest improvement to our MOT digital services," said Chris Price, Head of MOT Policy at the DVSA.

"We want to improve safety recall rectification rates. Providing ‘live’ recall data and marking it more available to MoTorists, will further help everyone to keep vehicles safe to drive on Britain’s roads."

The improvements to the MoT digital services will be implemented in two phases. Starting from July 19th, real-time recall data will be visible on MoT Testing Service (MTS) and Motorists' MoT certificates.

Then from August onwards, when customers bring their vehicles for testing, testers will be prompted through an 'interrupt' screen if there's an outstanding safety recall. This feature will allow testers to encourage customers to address the recall promptly to ensure their vehicles are safe to drive.

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